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tv   9 News Now Sunday at 630pm  CBS  January 2, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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so help me god. >> a new administration is in place in the district of columbia of already mayor vincent gray faces tough challenges. good evening. i'm andrea mccarran in for bruce johnson. a new era of d.c. politic is here as vincent gray became the new mayor. and also today some new and re- elected officials were sworn in. ken molisina attending the
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inauguration where the talon was passed. >> and new promises made by vincent gray and now the trial begins as to whether the new leadership can help d.c. rebound from some of the biggest shortfalls. >> which i am about to enter, so help me god. [ applause ] >> reporter: a standing ovation and loud applause filled the d.c. convention center as gray became the new mayor. bruce johnson served as the master of ceremonies. garage's oath acceptance will put him in a position to help our community. >> we will help our small business owners thrive and receive. >> reporter: finding jobs and education are the top areas. he tells me bouncing back from hundreds of millions of dollars in debt is the most difficult.
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>> the fiscal solvency of the city has to be focused on immediately. we started those efforts as council chair and i intend to continue that. >> reporter: and then the problem of d.c. public schools. many are skeptical of how he will change the landscape of a school system plagued with high dropout rates and under achieving students. >> the toughest situation for them is the restoration of the school system. >> reporter: in the meantime mayor gray said he's focusing on encouraging all washingtonians to pitch in and try to get the commune toyota thrive. >> from lincoln heights to congress heights. this is one city and our city. >> reporter: and another point of emphasis with gray is he'll work closely with the obama administration hopefully to try to get d.c. in much better shape.
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>> and the may your said -- mater said d.c. will not reach pull potential until it becomes the 51st state. tonight we'll take to the mayor's inaugural gala at 11:00. and violence emerged in the district. five people were shot today. two of the victims are teen- agers. ironically the shooting spree comes in the wake of a new report putting the hock side rate at the lowest level since the early 1960s. armondo rule is live with more. >> reporter: the only evidence of the shooting that happened this afternoon near this bus stop is the police crime tape and hopefully this is not a sign of what is to come in 2011. >> two guys were over here at bus stop and a couple of guys came up and shot him -- shot these guys. >> reporter: the two victims are teen-agers between the ages of 16 and 17. the shooting happened near 4th
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street and new hampshire forth west and happened 1:30 afternoon. >> police were running the streets looking for the guys. >> there are officers out in the area. >> reporter: but at this point no arrests have been made. and in fact d.c. police have been very busy. three people were shot inside their car early sunday morning. it happened in the 1300 block of congress place southeast. all three were taken to area hospitals. chief cathy lanier agrees it's been a bloody new year. >> when it comes to gun violence, it's very tough. when a shot is fired, we say a shot is fired because it's not a homicide doesn't mean it's not a dangerous crime. >> reporter: and at this point the shootings are not homicides. the latest information we have is two of the victims in the shootings are in serious condition. live in northwest, i'm armando trull. back to you. it is a rainy sunday but what is in store for the week
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ahead. anny hong is in the weather center with the first forecast. >> we're talking about colder conditions and another storm system we are watching the next few days but we did see a storm come through tonight. looking at a live look at doppler 9,000 where you can see the rain has moved out of the d.c. area and to the east of us. we're talking about easton and ocean city getting light rain activity but this is not a huge storm. temperatures are still mild where we are talking rain, no snow from the system. but tonight we are expecting the clouds to clear out, the rain ending. temperatures falling with mainly clear skies expected for overnight tonight. lows 22-29 degrees. this morning we start out in the 40s, so by tomorrow morning 20 degrees colder. so if you are getting the kids ready for school or work, you want to layer up wednesday again. we'll talk about the chance of rain and snow coming up later. >> look forward to that. we now know the identity of
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the suburban hospital employee killed on the jop this weekend. roosevelt brockington, jr., of lusby, maryland, was attacked on saturday inside the hospital. police say he suffered trauma to his upper body. his death is being treated as a homicide. the hospital was locked down for four hours while police searched for a suspect. so far no one has been arrested. a north carolina teenager has gone missing in maryland and tonight police want help from the public in finding her. 16-year-old felicia barns was visiting relatives in balt for the holidays when she vanished. her sister said she left the honor role student sleeping at her apartment and that's the last time her family saw her. her father and sister say it is not likely she ran away. >> this is no runaway, this is no child that is having a bad day or a bad night. we don't feel she fell in love because she's not even that character. >> i think somebody might have
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taken her. >> authorities confirm she tried to stay at a 24 hour emergency sheltner baltimore but turned away because the shelter does not accept minors. they say a police officer picked up the teen but it is unclear where she was taken. felicia is 5le and weighs 120 pounds. last seen wearing a navy hooded pea coat, a turquoise thermal shirt and jeans and white slippers. >> the navy said it's investigating a series of lewd video clips featuring a top officer on one nuclear powers aircraft carriers. the officer captain owen honors broadcast comedy skits to his crew on the uss enterprise. the videos include gay slurs and mimic inappropriate sexual behavior. they were broadcast on the closed circuit television when captain honors was second in command. navy said the videos were clearly inappropriate. tomorrow metro riders have
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the opportunity to tell the transit agency what they think of the new random bag services. metro will host a hearing at their headquarters to assess the effectiveness. the assessment of bags started last month. the searches are based on similar efforts in boston and new york. and still ahead here on 9 news now, a new year and a new congress and a new balance of power on capitol hill. what the republican-led house wants to do with the 112th congress. and up next, how foreign companies are helping those made ill by their assistance on september 11th. we'll be right back. a/ño
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president obama has signed into law a bill to provide aid to survivors of the 9/11 terror attacks and first responder who's became ill while working in the ruins of the world trade center. the bill was one of the last
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measures passed before adjourning in december. foreign companies that obtained procurement contracts will be charge aid fee to help pay for the $4.2 billion measure. president obama signed the bill while vacationing with his family in hawaii. on wednesday the 112th congress is back in session but with a different balance of power. the house will be control bid republicans and the newly- elected members are already announced their ambitious agendas. here isinez feray. >> reporter: allen west and others began trickling into washington this weekend. on wednesday 87 new republicans will be sworn into the house where the g.o.p. will hold the majority. conservatives promise to cut spending. also on the agenda, reversing president obama's health care law. >> watch what happens? as part of our pledge we said we would bring up a vote to repeal health care early. that will happen before the president's state of the union address. >> reporter: some republicans promise to oppose raising the
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limit on the federal debt this spring, a tactic to force spending cuts. the president's top economic advisor said refusing to raise the debt ceiling would put the country in default. >> that's not a game. i don't think anybody is talking about playing chicken with the debt sailing. >> reporter: democrats wonder how many solutions will be put forward. both parties want bipartisanship but no one is making promises. >> we democrats are prepared to work with them where we can but we will challenge them and fight against them what we must. >> is it good to be bipartisan? just to say we did something in a bipartisan manner? >> reporter: as president obama prepares to return from his hawaiian vacation he is asking both party to focus on jobs and the economy. inez foray, cbs news. >> democrats will control the senate by a marg of 51-47 with two independents. they need 41 votes to block
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initiatives from the house. straight ahead on 9 news now, why iphone users started the new year late because of the apple product. and we saw light showers come through and unseasonably warm before changes coming our way. today's high 59 degrees and the average high of 43. we'll talk about the chance of rain and snow coming up after the break. i'm kernel deb masser in korea. i would like to wish my family and friends in the d.c.- virginia area a happy new year, especially my husband, my mom and sister. i miss and love you all.
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some iphone users may have started the new year late. apple said a problem with the phone's alarm clock feature surfaced with the start of 2011. users who set the alarm for a single wakeup instead of recurring use found it didn't go off. the problem effects the latest operating system. apple said a fix is in the works and starting tomorrow all iphone alarms should work properly. well it is the end of a long holiday break for a lot of
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folks. back to work and kids back to school. meteorologist anny hong is here to tell us what we can expect. >> if you are planning the outfit for tomorrow for work and school, get out the cold weather gear. temperatures are dropping to below freezing as later tonight the rainshowers are ending and the clouds clearing out. we saw some showers around the d.c. area for much of today. sticking around for basically until this evening. but you can see all that has moved off into the east. so places along the bay and the eastern shore, easton, you're still getting light rain activity, north of ocean city getting light rain as well. but this rain not lasting long. currently it is 48 degrees at reagan national. lower 40s for gaithersburg. mid-40s for fredericksberg. and out to the west, we're looking at 38 degrees in lorraine. so temperatures are dropping quite a bit as it gets cold outside. rain ending except for the coast. clouds clearing out. which means temperatures will
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drop quite a bit compared to this morning by tomorrow. the next storm system we are looking at rain and the possibility of snow. we'll talk about that in a minute. but first satellite radar showing us showers did come on through. again it was light and mild in nature because the warmer air mass we have out there, we got to 49 -- actually 59 degrees today at reagan national. monday morning, a sunny start and bring out the sunglasses and sunscreen. but breezy at times but cold again. so dress in layers and the kids too. temperatures 22-29 degrees. keep in mind this morning we start the -- started out in the 40s. to 20 degrees difference between this morning and tomorrow morning. and seasonal highs, upper 30s to mid-40s. the feature cast showing us we'll dry out. the clouds clearing out as well. and you can see by midnight tonight all of the stuff will not be impacting the eastern shore. in fact it will be off on the coast and we'll see more sunshine as high pressure works back in to start your work week
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off. here is your next three days. more sunshine tomorrow. highs of 41 degrees. a little bit below the average of 43. tuesday clouds moving in but dry. high of 45 degrees. wednesday more sunshine and cold front coming through to down into the 40s. here is your seven-day outlook. thursday is what we are watching. the possibility of a coastal storm impacting us. still a few days out but we're talking about a chance of some snow or rain. as we cool down to the upper 30s. breezy conditions for friday and saturday. down to the mid 30s by next weekend. and take a look at the overnight lows. still in the 20s so it will still be very cold for the next several mornings so bundle up once again. and we're watching the storm on thursday. still a few day out -- days out so we'll track the models. >> but all of the kids hoping for a snow day tomorrow, not happening? >> i'm one of those kids. >> we have to get him skiing.
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>> no. >> could be bleak. but bleak weather today and fairly bleak season for our skins. >> and it's coming to an end. i like the way you put that. because it was ugly out there. week 17 in the nfl and a lot of interesting battles, including redskins-giants game. we'll check in. and ravens trying to bang the bengals. new blood at maryland coming from new england coming up next.
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dave owens here with a look at sports. sounds like there may be a new reason to fear the turtle. >> everyone likes the frig but the contract wasn't extended but now they've turned the page. you have to do what you have to do. in college football, if you get the best recruits you win. in a few months the top prep players will decide where they are taking talents and none of them will commit to a program with unclear coaching so maryland needs to move quick
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and they have. the school confirming they've hired former connecticut coach randy edsall. he also led the school to the first bcs bowl, the fiesta last night. after that game he flew from phoenix to maryland's campus. there will be a 2:00 press conference to introduce him as the new coach. so what has this man done in the last 2 years at uconn. he helped transition to a division 1 outfit in 2002 and won 74 games and led the huskies to five bowl games including the bcs bowl game we talked about last night. he was the east coach of the year in 2010. thanks to flex scheduling, the redskins and giants game has sizzle this afternoon. the nfl moved the games with playoff implications to 4:15 so a team like the giants couldn't score board watch and then bag it if they didn't have a shot at the playoffs. so that's why they do the flex scheduling. in other words giants had to play hard because green bay is
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playing at the same time. it's been a hard-nosed battle. right now 17-14, the big play a pass from eli to manningham and we'll have full reaction tonight on sports plus. >> the ravens still with a chance at the afc north route. we must protect this house. that's when they say when they get in the scrubs there. this is ed reed protecting the house. talk about a ball hawk. this guy has only played in ten games this year, he has eight picks. here is one off carson palmer. the ravens defense forced five turnovers this afternoon. third quarter and this is ray rice exploring the guts of the bengals defense. ravens win 13-6. so the steelers had to win to secure the afc north division crown. cleveland's colt mccoy picked off by troy polamalu who is coming up big there. and later on big ben, they say chicks love the long ball, this would be the long ball. to mike wallace, 280 yards
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passing. steelers win it in afternoon by a final score of 41-9. so they lock up the afc north title and the two seed in the afc. well the final attendance numbers for last night's winter classic, 68,000. now just to compare, last year was 38,000. two years ago 40,000. so to be fair the first winter classic drew 70 but not near the hype of last night. the nhl made a television production out of the signature match-up, the caps and penguins, entering the out door rink with the pop and circumstance of a stanley cup final and the rainy weather and then the great game. caps win it 3-1. what a spectacle, not just for the caps and pens, but for hockey in general. >> it was more than just a game. and to everybody. it was a game that we wanted to show people that have never played hockey or never watched hockey how good and exciting it could be. the passion on the guys faces
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when they scored a goal was genuine. it was good for the growth of the game and i hope it does grow because of this. >> and it's 17-14 now, the giants over the redskins. brandon banks with a punt return for a touchdown. we'll have that updated tonight on sports plus. >> thank you, dave. one last look at your seven- day forecast. tomorrow a lot of sunshine, high of 41, but bundle up. we're watching a coastal storm impacting us possibly for thursday. we're tracking that over the next few days. anny, thank you. and thank you for joining us. 60 minutes is coming up next. have a great evening.
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